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Why Underfloor Heating?Warmup detail logo

The benefits of Warmup® underfloor heating

1. No more inconvenient and inefficient radiators

With underfloor heating, you can use every square metre of your home the way you want to use it. A plumber can easily remove your radiators.
Look through any magazine and you will notice that pictures of quality bathrooms, kitchens and lounges never show radiators.
We believe that radiators are inefficient, expensive to maintain and take up valuable wall space; interior designers know this and avoid them whenever possible.
Radiators result in a stuffy, uncomfortable atmosphere and promote heat loss through windows, walls, ceilings and roofs. The result is wasted energy, and wasted money.

2. Warmup`s Lifetime Warranty and zero maintenance costs mean ultra-low lifetime costs

Warmup® undertile heaters are guaranteed for the lifetime of your floor.
With no radiators to bleed or boilers to service,
electric underfloor heating has no maintenance costs and will never let you down. Ever...

3. Quick heat-up times in only the rooms needed with precise zone controlwarmup graph

A Warmup® system installed on an insulated floor (above the screed) reaches operating
temperature in 20 minutes allowing you to heat only the rooms you need when you need them.
This is much faster than the usual 4 hours required by water-based floor heating systems.
See our running costs page for more details on the advantages of zone heating
with Warmup`s world-leading exclusive thermostat.

4. Easier cleaning and enhanced hygienewarmup logo

Underfloor heating dries wet floors more quickly, making cleaning faster.
Floor heating reduces your home`s moisture content and eliminates the moisture dust mites need to survive.
Also eliminated is the "chimney effect" of radiators which act as dust traps
and then create drafts that move dust and other irritants around the room and causes wall paper
to discolour and peel. This is a huge benefit to sufferers of asthma and other breathing difficulties.

5. Ultimate comfort through even heat distribution

Underfloor heating spreads warmth over the entire floor area,
resulting in about half the heat being emitted as low-temperature radiant heat.
Warming a large area at a low temperature (21-25°C / 70-77°F) produces the most comfortable
and efficient form of heating possible by reducing the heat loss from our bodies without overheating the surrounding air.

So forget radiators - fit Warmup® now and experience the difference!

We supply and fit all Warmup products for all areas!
Follow the link below to view some of there products!
Take a look at the Warmup introductory video!
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Warmup® Insulation Board for Underfloor Heating

Warmup® Insulation Boards will save you money when used in conjunction with underfloor heating by
acting as a very efficient thermal barrier.
It reflects the heat upwards into the floor tile instead of allowing heat to warm up the concrete slab below.
By using Warmup® Insulation Board it is possible to achieve warm floor tiles in just 10-15 minutes.
Without insulation boards, it could take anything from 2-3 hours, or more.

Warmup® Matting System for Tile & Stone Floors (PFM)

The Underfloor Heating Mat from Warmup is an uncomplicated concept specifically designed for the professional user:
the electrical heating cable is attached to a tough fibreglass mesh, rolled out before tiling,
and connected to a programmable thermostat.
So luxurious, yet so easy...

Warmup® Loose Wire System for Tile & Stone Floors (DWS)

We design our systems using a 2mm, ultra-thin, dual-core heating element.
The small cross-section of our element allows it to be installed in a matter of hours without raising floor levels.
There is no need to dig up the floor and no need to mix concrete.
Simply fix our heating element to the subfloor, tile straight over and say goodbye to cold feet for good


Suspended Floors – Timber

When fitting the underfloor heater onto a timber subfloor, the floorboards or chipboard must be over-boarded with a suitable Warmup® Insulation Board or 18 mm WBP plywood. Existing floorboards must be fixed securely and, if necessary, pre-levelled with a latex/cement smoothing underlayment to give a flush fit for the WBP plywood or the Warmup® Insulation Board. Ply must be screwed at 200m centres and installed as per BS 5385: Part 3 Clause 14.4.
Warmup® Insulation Board must be fixed with flexible tile adhesive. For best performance the board should also be secured with five screws and penny washers per board.

Solid Floors - Concrete

If tiling on a concrete floor, Warmup® recommends the use of Warmup® Insulation Board to improve the performance and efficiency of the underfloor heating system. Warmup® Insulation Board is fixed directly to the subfloor with tile adhesive. The heater is then fitted directly on top of the board before being tiled over.

Un-insulated concrete or screed subfloors may also be fitted with the Warmup® Underfloor

Heating System, however they will be less responsive and take significantly longer to heat up (sometimes in excess of 8 hours).

Extended heat up times will lead to higher running costs.